Month: January 2014

Rebranding for a Contractor in Mesa

This logo design project didn’t pose many challenges in way of design, but more so in branding. Michael, owner of MJ Contracting, had grown accustom to his old logo, it wasn’t much to look at, but it worked for many

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Why do I need a good logo?

Wiredframe switch

Your logo should be the foundation of your company’s brand image. It should be a visual representation of everything your company stands for, additionally all graphic designs developed for your company should be consistent with the look, feel and message

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J&I Cleaning Logo Project

Designing Vintage Logo Jesse, the owner of this cleaning company, was looking to begin marketing services to a unique demographic: churches in the metro Phoenix area. 

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Mesa Construction Company

Paul is the hard working owner of Paul’s Construction in Mesa, Arizona. Like many owner-operated construction companies, there is little time at the end of the day to focus on the company’s marketing direction.

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9 Famous Logos with Hidden Meaning

Wendy’s says the word “Mom” in their logo is unintentional — but others on the list, including the arrow in FedEx, the standing bear in Toblerone, and the guys eating chips in the Tostito’s logo were carefully, and cleverly, added.

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Medical Logo Design for Transport Service

Shooting Star for Phoenix Transport Company Medical Transport Company, located in Mesa, AZ, travels throughout the Phoenix metro area; they needed an symbol that could serve as a their visual branding while their transport vehicles were on the road.

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Logo Optimization for Auto Industry

Developing a Brand Image Through Logo Optimization Autobahn was ready to develop a new logo while staying true to their previous identity.

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