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Smokin’ Design

scottsdale cigar logo brandingWe were approached by a Phoenix based cigar company to create a logo that would capture the identity of their line of imported cigars. The brand name is Spanish for the word smile; part of the project goal was to deliver a brand look broke the traditional norm of cigar logos.

Herein lay the challenge. Cigar logos, and moreover the industry, are comprised of aristocratic images, a country club Ivy League ambiance, almost as if you need a membership to “The Aficionados” club to even enjoy a cigar with any type of class.

cigar logo design

The owner of this cigar company didn’t want their product to solely be known for its elegant style but rather for its willingness to accept everyone; while still receiving acceptance from “The Aficionados” club.

 Requirements for the Design

  • The S in the logo needed flexibility with the ability to stand alone. The foil band used on the cigar would be stamped with an S as the company brand mark.
  • A smile had to be incorporated into the logo.
  • Spirited and unique while still classy.

Figuring out how to work a smile into a cigar logo without being the brunt of the joke was a challenge that would become the most exciting part of the project. Once we worked out a solid concept of using a tobacco leaf to create the smile the rest fell in place.


scottsdale cigar logo branding

 Be on the lookout for this Scottsdale based cigar in the spring of 2015.

Cigar Logo Design Branding for New Scottsdale Based Cigar Company
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Cigar Logo Design Branding for New Scottsdale Based Cigar Company
Cigar logo design and branding project for a new company based in Scottsdale. This is a quick overview of a unique logo for a cigar company.
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