Logo Optimization for Auto Industry

Developing a Brand Image Through Logo Optimization

auto logo optimization in mesa,azAutobahn was ready to develop a new logo while staying true to their previous identity.

We were able to work with this Automotive company to develop an optimized version of their current logo. Autobahn is a specialty tint and scotchgard company located within the Mazda dealership in Mesa.

They were ready to begin growing their brand among the metro Phoenix, AZ area.  With upcoming events, to begin attracting attention for their brand, possessing a logo that the industry relates to will go along way in establishing Autobahn among the industry and with the general public.

Autobahn has been in the valley for several years and were known by the symbol for the Autobahn Highway.highway symbol logo concept It was important that the new logo include this symbol, while creating a fresh new look that aligned with the performance connotation of the industry.  As this project was a logo optimization project, we were able to skip much of the research phases and jump right into sketching.

auto company logo design project in mesa, az

Logo Optimization Project for Auto Industry

The new logo combines the previous image with a new look that creates a logo that this Phoenix based company can build their brand on. We will continue to provide support and feedback as Autobahn seeks to build their brand and reach specific demographics.

Logo Design Project for Auto Company in Mesa, AZ | Logo Optimization | Phoenix Logo Design Project Sample | Branding and Brand Optimization

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Sample of a logo design project for the auto industry
Here's a quick look at a logo that we developed in the Auto industry for this Mesa, AZ auto company. Review this project and several other logos and logo design case studies.
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