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PaulsCon_Logo-900x561Paul is the hard working owner of Paul’s Construction in Mesa, Arizona. Like many owner-operated construction companies, there is little time at the end of the day to focus on the company’s marketing direction.

Upon learning about Paul and his construction business, it was clear that there was a disconnect between the quality of service he provides and the visual presentation of the company. Paul is honest, real and hardworking – this aligns with what his customers say about him. Therefore, we wanted to develop a logo design to help build a brand image for his small business which encompassed these traits.

This logo became the foundation for all other marketing oriented projects that we went on to assist Paul with for his construction company. You can review this company’s website to see the logo in context, and don’t forget to drop Paul a line and say hello or have him help on your next home improvement project:

Before and After Construction Logo Design

Branding and Logo Design for Mesa, AZ Construction Company

Branding and Logo Design for a Mesa, AZ Construction Company
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Branding and Logo Design for a Mesa, AZ Construction Company
A logo design and branding case study for a local Mesa, Arizona construction company. Here is a quick snapshot of our logo design process.
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