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Wired Frame is a specialty marketing agency dedicated to working with entrepreneurs and medium size businesses throughout the Phoenix area. We specialize in delivering creative branding to help Phoenix companies put their best foot forward. We know it’s important for small businesses to and stand out from the competition and present professionally.  We assist in doing this by creating a unique identity which aligns with the desired brand vision of the company. If it’s basic logo optimization, full on branding or rebranding we can help — every step of the way. [/ut_one_half] [ut_one_half_last] [ut_probar width=”100″ info=”Creative Branding”] [ut_probar width=”100″ info=”Creative CONCEPTS”] [ut_probar width=”100″ info=”Creative Design”] [/ut_one_half_last]

Our Logo Design Process


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We utilize an elaborate process that will ensure satisfaction. Most importantly, we provide visual branding that sets you perfectly among your audience and competition.

Our designs are custom made from scratch, no cookie-cutter templates or stock photography here. Every project, big, small, limited budget; we take the time to understand your company and audience and the begin development.

Our team is comprised of a small team of individuals that have completed projects for companies like MTV, Shamrock Farms and Harkins Theaters. We are Creative Geeks for Entrepreneurs.  [/ut_one_half_last]


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Construction Company Logo Design
Before we develop a logo we make sure to obtain your ideas and goals. This helps to understand the image your looking for. Once we understand we begin research and make recommendations based on our vision to align you with your ideas and audience. This Phoenix based construction company desired to keep a hammer element from his old logo. Read more on how we were able to use this cliché icon to provide a unique and on-point look for this owner operator company in Phoenix .


tempe logo design auto company


Creative logos that show elegance and have an elite cogitation is easy to do with a company named VIP. However, using the right styling and combinations of shapes, colors and textures allow us to bring the visual mark for the company to match the elite and custom service provided by this Phoenix based auto company. Read more here…



phoenix logo design garage door company

Our goal is to be the Phoenix logo design, branding and graphic design company who gives you the most innovative high quality logo design solution for your business. We begin our work by creating a blueprint of your business character and personality. How can a Phoenix garage door company have personally?…We’ll find it, cultivate it and bring it to life. A&R is a Phoenix based contractor who had nothing more than the letters A&R to represent his company. We were able to see all the unique aspects of his small business and create a custom logo that matched the friendly and fun personality that owner, Ron Curse, takes to everyone of his job sites. Check out a bit more on this contractor here.


Growing Phoenix Businesses – It’s What We Do

Phoenix is a large city with many businesses in competition for the same clients. A well crafted logo can bring in customers that you are loosing to your competitors.

A logo captures the desired brand vision of your company. One single image – it’s your mark. When people think of your company and its quality, it’s the image they associate with your company. We guide you through the processes to develop this image, and we work to deliver a final logo that you will be functional in any size and medium – online, offline, signage, businesses card, t-shirt. We help to make sure you’re ready to take the next step in building the visual assets that help develop your brand’s image. This includes style sheets, typography, spacing, and then assist in developing your other needed promotional collateral.