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Logo Design for Publisher in Tucson, AZ

cool logo design tucson, az publisher

Design a logo for a fun easy-going publishing company out of Tucson. The brand message was to be vibrant and unique – setting themselves apart in a mundane industry.


Project Background

This Tucson, AZ publishing company was about ready to launch the publishing side of their business. In business for several years, as a part-time venture, they had shifted gears into full-time.  They desired a professionally branded look that would accompany the brand identity they grew their company on.

The visual icon this Tucson publisher had become know for was colorful beans. The use of this element would be essential to the new company logo. As for the audience, it’s mostly comprised of indie authors as well individuals among the LGBT community.

The Brand Vision

This isn’t a company going through an identity crisis: they knew who they are and what they wanted their visual branding to convey. So many times we run into branding projects were the challenge is defining the company’s brand vision.

This publisher does great quality work, at a price most can afford; making them a savor to many. This is their desired brand vision, and as fate would have it, it aligned with their brand – branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.  CB Publishing saw themselves as a perfect alternative to the big name publishing companies. They understood the large void that exists for independent authors seeking a quality publisher, at an affordable price.

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We immediately connected with this idea: WiredFrame is designed for small businesses that desire superior talent, but can’t afford the major agencies.

The Problem

We had to deliver a fun, vibrant and uncharacteristic design while incorporating a bean icon; our concern was crossing the line between amusing and uncultivated. Most logo design projects require an art of simplicity. Each time we would develop on a concept, the bean icon or the vibrant colors would leave us with an awkward dichotomy between traditionalism and unorthodox.

Ultimately, once we stopped trying to fit this project into a traditional set of rules, we were able to embrace the essence of this publishing company.

The Solution

Utilizing Pop art as a premise gave us a free pass to incorporate details and colors while simultaneously resonating with the target audience. The comic book undertones allowed us to showcase the bean, and in all, it has a superhero/star feel that can be said to represent this publisher as a saving grace to under-served authors.


cool logo design tucson, az publisher

Tucson, AZ Logo Design – Cool Publishing Company

Tucson, AZ Logo Design Project for Publishing Company

Tucson, AZ Logo Design for Publisher
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Tucson, AZ Logo Design for Publisher
A pop art logo design, with a comic book twist. Here's a behind the senses look of how we created this unique logo for a publisher in Tucson, AZ.
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