20 Worst Ad Placements

20 Worst Ad Placements

Okay, so your new logo is complete and it’s ready to be developed into printed collateral. Let’s take a moment and learn a few lessons from these 20 ad placement fails.

20. Album Art Placement

 Yanni Ween CD placement fail

19. Black & Unwanted…

Black & Unwanted


18. Wheels on the bus go round and round

Wildrose bus photo


17. I guess the ad at the bottom says it all

ad placement - fishing death


16. Hey, good lookin’ whatcha got cookin’?

ad placement fail - good kitty

15. Honey, can you get the door for me?

ad placement door handle car


14. What else is on the menu?

worst ad placement coke


13. Surgeon’s General Warning

ad placement fail heart fail

12.  Workplace motivational signage

ad placement fail hell

11. Starring Jack Nicholson

ad placement fail la miz

10. Totally wrong place for a dumpster

ad placement fail trash can


9. Did you check the club?

ad placement fail club

8.  Maybe it’s a Clorox ad

ad placement bus panties


7. Who’s approving these layouts?

ad placement fail bathroom


6. Now that’s empathy

ad placement fail killed sister

5. What a deal

ad placement fail crap

4. “just a little closer..”

ad placement fail subway

3. We agree

Ad placement fail starbucks

2.  Turkish Airlines – Now Hiring Pilots

ad placement fail

1. Look @ that smile






Ad Placement Fails
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Ad Placement Fails
So you have your new logo and print ad ready for publication, make sure you review the ad placement before approving.
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