About Us

Creative Branding is All We Know

Wired Frame was created to provide an agency style experience to owner-operator businesses throughout Phoenix, Arizona. We fill the void for small business owners who need unique branding and marketing strategies but can’t afford to hire a large marketing firm.

Phoenix Logo Design Team

Wired Frame is powered by a small team of creative and marketing oriented individuals who have completed projects for companies like Harkins Theaters, MTV and Shamrock Farms. It’s this type of design and marketing experience that we deliver for your business – at the price you want to hear.

We say no to logo design sweatshops

We pride ourselves on being a tight-knit team that work well together to effectively develop a logo you can build a brand on. By only working a few projects at any given time we ensure custom attention to each logo we develop. This doesn’t mean paying big time agency prices – custom work at a price that most entrepreneurs and medium sized businesses can afford.

Our relationship begins with an evaluation your business, situation, and expectations. This allows us to provide feedback that speaks your company’s desired brand vision. By providing creative knowledge upfront we avoid design surprises upon completion.