Arborist Logo Redesigned

Arborvision Logo Design Phoenix AZWhen we started with Arborvision, their goal was to grow their business and position themselves to be the go-to company among arborist  in Phoenix . We wanted to provide a look for Arborvision that would be consistent with their line of work and their current identity. Once we understood what Jesse, owner of Arbovision, had in mind for the new logo we ended up keeping the same concept. This allowed Arborvision to save money in R&D as we optimized the current logo apposed to developing a concept  from scratch.

Logo Design Arborist Phoenix Business

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Logo Design Phoenix Arborist
We had a chance to optimize a logo for Phoenix Arborist, Arborvision. They had the same logo for some time and wished to stay with the same logo concept while adding a fresh new feel to it.
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