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Auto Chandler CompanyDevelopment for this logo optimization project was completed for an auto painting company in Chandler, AZ. The client didn’t like the look of his current logo and was unable to make any drastic changes as they are a franchise. Our plan was to make small changes while remaining true to the current brand identity.

Logo optimization projects can be tricky in their own way: what’s a small change to one person may be a drastic change to another. Additionally, there are challenges when trying to omit branding creativity from the development process.

The final design shows how we transformed the old logo and brought it to life, just like an auto restoration project.

However, this new design failed to gain approval from corporate and all efforts to optimize the current identity were canned – there was never any charge for logo design or optimization services. Not all projects have a happy ending nonetheless, we went on to provide additional design and web development services for this auto painting company.

Chandler, AZ Logo Optimization Project

Logo Optimization Project for a Small Chandler, Az  Business

Auto Painting - Logo Optimization Fail
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Auto Painting - Logo Optimization Fail
Here is a logo optimization project for a Chandler, AZ auto company that never obtained approval, find out more here. Not every project has a happy ending, but this one has a silver lining.
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