Logo Design for Construction Companies

Logo Design for Construction Companies

Logo Design for Construction Companies | WiredFrame

When you’re one of many construction companies in Phoenix, it is important to have something that initially sets you apart. An eye catching logo custom to you, your audience and the way you do business is important.

Our team first digs in to find the things that we can use to make a construction company feel unique, and then look at the audience we are looking to resonate with. Sometimes this means advising against ideas or concepts that a contractor presents to us in the Client Brief. Instead of figuring out exactly what the client wants their logo to look like, and then design exactly what is described: we use the information about your preferences to figure out what you hope to accomplish and what kind of image you hope to project. These are the important details that are understood before we begin. This is why people hire professional design teams to develop their new company logo.

Our design team is qualified to develop a logo for your construction company

We have designed many logos for construction companies and builders, however we don’t act like we are familiar with the process of framing a house or remodeling a kitchen for that matter – we all hire people for these types of jobs. Just the same, when we are developing a new image for a construction company, you get a team that understands that just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it is. Like a construction project, a logo is developed for a unique need, it has to be solid, clean and be able to withstand the test of time. Searching for a team of designers to create an image that will serve as a unique icon to match your desired brand vision can be tuff. Here are a few creative logos that can give you some inspiration and provide an overview of our work. All of the designs showcase an understanding of aesthetics, uniqueness and functionality – these are all clients we worked with in the construction and building industry.

Not just another construction logo design

The construction industry is where we see many logos that look the same: screwdrivers, saws, hammers, or even worst, the combination of these combined with a cartoon carpenter. We understand that sometimes it’s hard to, set the hammer down and step away, after 15 years but it may be time to embrace a look that sets you apart. It’s not so much that these cliché elements are a bad idea to incorporate, it’s just that they don’t help in setting you apart in big sea of many fish. Nonetheless, one talent of our team is to take a traditional look and put a whole new spin on it – bringing to life through reinventing can be a fun and rewarding project.

Important factors for designing logos for construction companies

When we, the general public, are in search of a construction company we ask our friends or family for recommendations. Sometimes we will seek out reference, bids or reviews. But in other cases many people will select a company that seems trustworthy, established and reputable, based on nothing more than a feeling – these are the prospects that a new logo should help you connect with. Making a construction company come across as established and trustworthy (or both), can be done with shapes, colors and styling. For example, ribbons, seals, and award themed logos can trigger a feeling of trust. Unique angles, dimensions and squares are often used when designing logos for construction companies or builders: they relate to building and they are can have a very solid look to them. Triangles are considered to be the strongest of all shapes – they evoke strength and power. Colors and fonts are also specially selected to achieve the desired look. Construction logs may seem a bit complicated, but their really no different than any other logo design project. Once you understand the client’s expectations, the targeted demographics and the desired brand vision, creating a logo that aligns is completed by following the same logo design process used for most any industry. We look forward to working with you to develop a new logo for your construction or building company. Feel free to fill out the contact form, shoot us an email or give us a ring.

Logo Design for Construction Companies – Custom Branding for Your Company


Logo design tips for construction companies and builders
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Logo design tips for construction companies and builders
A logo for a construction company or builder, must be unique to stand out. It must be bold and instill credibility, reputation and trust. A logo that says your construction company is established helps to connect you with prospects. Review our logos and process to develop awesome brand images for construction companies and builders, at a price entrepreneurs and small businesses can afford.
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