DIY Logo Design ?

If you’re just starting a new business it’s not necessary to break the bank for logo design, but you may want to consider other alternatives than DIY, Vistaprint, or the “$59.00 logo design” ads.

Nothing says small business like a DIY logo design. There’s nothing wrong with owning and operating a small business, on the contrary, there’s something gratifying about it. However, the one-on-one relationships with your customers should be what says “small business” about you and your company – not the amateur feel of your logo.

I love it when I hear people tell us, “I had a customer tell me how much he liked the logo you guys designed for me”. Something as simple as a logo can impress a customer before you’ve provided any services.

When you hire a professional team to handle your logo design, you leave the research and development to people who do it for a living. Your logo is the foundation of your company’s brand identity – you only pay for it once. However, you pay time and time again when losing business by appearing unmemorable and small time.

DIY Logo Design?
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DIY Logo Design?
Should you design you own free or cheep logo? Here are some things to think about before selecting a Vistaprint logo design solution.
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