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What is your logo design process? How does it work?

In short: we spend the time to understand, move into research and then develop.  For a more detailed look at our normal design process, click here for a 7 step breakdown of what goes into most of our logo design projects.

Would it be a mistake to design my own logo?

When you’re starting a new business it may be tempting to develop your own logo or go with a quick fix like Vistaprint.  If this is the case and you’re considering these methods you may want to hold off on visual branding. Having to change the look of a new business proves to be harmful.  If you do develop your own logo, then later seek professional help, the designer will have to provide a look that is similar to your current one (which may not be the best fit for your industry and audience) or they will deliver a whole new look (which may have a short term negative setback).  So, no, you shouldn’t design your own logo, click here for more on why.

How much do you charge for logo design? 

We don’t have a set price for logo design. Projects are custom, based on the client and their business. We have designed logos for small businesses as low as $250 and up to $1,500.  The difference between a $250 and a $1,500 logo isn’t the design; the design phase of the project is normally not the most time consuming, many times it’s the research and brainstorming. The time spent in research prior to development allows us to feel confident that the new logo will fit the current and future identity of the company, additionally it saves time in revisions. Many of our concepts are accepted on the first pass. In the case that they are not, it’s normally small tweaks that are requested.

Nonetheless, whatever the needs, we will put together a custom and flat rate quote with no overages or hidden fees.

I have some designs and concepts, can you review them? 

Of course. We encourage our clients to provide us with concepts or previous company logos.  Part of the project brief is focused around understanding your expectations of the new visual image for your company. With that being said, we try and avoid logo development projects that require us to copy your current samples or logo. When approached with these types of projects we will normally recommend a freelancer. Our talents lie in our creative process and research, allowing us to develop a brand image that will align with the desired brand vision.

Do I own all rights to my new logo?

We are here to assist in developing a brand identity for our customers; a logo is often the visual foundation for the new brand image. Therefore, anything we design for your company is exclusively yours. You have all rights to use your new logo in any medium, distribute as you wish, and produce it on as many pieces of company collateral – with no restrictions. Once you sign off on the final concept(s) you own the full copyrights and are free to register it.

Do I really need a good logo?

Your logo has many functions and should be the foundation of your company’s visual image (click to read more).

Isn’t my brand image my logo?

When asked, “what is a brand?”,  people sometimes answer, “logo” or “a product line”. Where this is somewhat correct, brand tends to refer to the company’s image in the market or among its audience:  the feeling you get when you see or hear something that has to do with the said company.

Here is a quick video on brand vs logo, click here to view it.

What does branding have to do with my business?

We hear this question during the client brief, when discussing the client’s company history, background and goals.  Here is an overview of branding as it relates to small and medium-sized businesses, click here.

Logo Design FAQ
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Logo Design FAQ
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