Foursquare New Logo for a New Company Experience

Foursquare New Logo for a New Company Experience


Reinvented Look for a Reinvented Company

Before & After Logo Rebranding

In all fairness, this rebranding project wasn’t launched simply for the sake of developing a fresh new look. This was about Foursquare trying to remain relevant with its competitors: Yelp!, Facebook, Google Local Search… I’ll touch more on the changes to the application’s interface in a second.

If you’ve never used Foursquare you probably recognize the logo above; well at lest the one on the left. Therein lies part of the problem. For most, Foursquare’s entire existence can be summed up to this one image. Many people have never used the mobile application, as a result they really don’t care much about it. So, changing their trademark look, combined with Foursquare’s plan to split their “full experience” between two applications may prove to be too much to endure.

Foursquare New Logo – The Design Process

Red Antler is a major NYC agency. They teamed up, literally, with Foursquare to develop this new look. Red Antler was onsite at Foursquare offices for the duration of several weeks. Back-and-forth,  concept after concept, sketching and developing – finally finalizing on the design that was “just right”. You can see the sketching process below and track the development, starting out with a sloppy draft to the final look.

foursquare logo development process


Here’s what Red Antler had to say about their project:

Our teams worked hand in hand through every step of the process, from strategy through design, to understand all aspects of Foursquare’s new services and the user interface. And when we say we ‘worked together’, we mean that literally; the Red Antler design team worked onsite at the Foursquare office, and Foursquare designers often spent days in RA’s Dumbo office. Read More…

new foursquare logo

Plain Logo


new foursquare logo with ripple

Icon with a Pink Vibrant Ripple


The new word lettering is clean and contemporary; they even included a different font for the Q to give a more inviting feel.  The new F icon is cool, fun, vibrant but still bold and iconic. They achieved their goal to create an F that resembled a map pin mark. You you can also see that the F icon looks like a quote bubble. This ties in well with the functional part of the app that encourages users to write reviews.

The new change aligns Foursquare well in it’s market place. It has been designed to give Foursquare a new start; sink or swim. Will this new look be enough for current and new users to rally behind Foursquare’s new plans?

Foursquare’s new experience

I think this is where the challenge lies, not in the new look but the new plan. Foursquare was founded in 2009 and  grew its presents on allowing users to to “Check-in” to brick and mortar locations. Now, they will split there Search and Check-in feature between two separate applications.

Swarm will now power Check-ins, while the basic Foursquare app will power everything else. We are already overwhelmed with social media, and to a certain extent Foursquare specifically. What does Foursquare do exactly? Well, if that wasn’t enough, the feature Foursquare built it’s name on will now take place on the Swarm app.

Foursquare on their new look and plans:

Second, if you build a totally new app, you need a totally new logo. Our logo is changing from the check-in checkmark to something representing the new Foursquare. We designed it to be a mix of map pin and superhero emblem. We’ve always thought of Foursquare as giving you superpowers to explore your city, and our new logo reflects that vision. It’s coming soon to a homescreen near you. Read More…

Oh yes, I almost forgot, below is the new icon for the mobile Foursquare app…and below that, the Swarm logo.

foursquare app icon

This is what users will see as their Foursquare application icon

foursquare swarm logo

Swarm Logo by Foursquare


To me this is all too much – in a world of constant social media catch-up, I see this only transitioning well for current users. After all, why would you search for a local salon on Foursquare and then jump over to Swarm to ‘check-in’? You can do all this through Yelp! or Facebook. More to the point, there are not enough active users or businesses using Foursquare; much less Swarm. I feel it’s too little too late, either way, great new logo.

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