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Logo for Clothing Company in Phoenix, AZ

logo for clothing line phoenixPhoenix based fashion company, Home, approached us to design a logo for their new clothing lines. The apparel would be trendy, designed for the 16 – 25 age groups. Challenge: developing a logo for clothing line that was not yet manufactured. Even more challenging, the clothing lines were all unique to the characteristics of each subsequent line. Developing a symbol that would define the brand as a whole, without conflicting with the various clothing lines would require as certain level of vigilance. We didn’t want to make the safe play by developing a neutral logo; it was time to play ball. We began sketching concepts, all of them aligned with all the trendy clothing logos of the industry. We could group all our current sketches into three groups:

  • trendy skater
  • trendy preppy
  • trendy organic/hipster (if trendy and hipster can be grouped in the same bullet point)

All three of these groups align with the demographics; it wasn’t such a bad thing – after all, this was a startup clothing line. Aligning with proven design concepts could pass the buck of success from the logo, to the other dozen obstacles a new clothing line faces to become “successful”. But we felt there was nothing especially distinctive or audacious about our concepts. This lead to the development of the new logo design for this Phoenix based fashion company. The concept style: vintage. This, combined with a modern approach, was the new logo we presented to Home; and they loved it. Clothing logo design The logo allows for the flexibility the apparel lines will require. This design can also be accepted, and resonate, with all three of the above trendy groups. The logo below is designed to represent the West Cost clothing line for the company.logo for clothing line phoenix This was an amusing assignment and we are excited to be a part of the ground floor development. We expect big things from this Phoenix based company and look forward to teaming up with them for the ride.

New Logo for Phoenix Clothing Company in Phoenix, AZ


Clothing Logo Design
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Clothing Logo Design
Clothing Logo Design for a Phoenix based Fashion Company. Review the case study for this company and logo design.
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