Rebranding for a Contractor in Mesa

Contractor in Mesa, AZ Logo ProjectThis logo design project didn’t pose many challenges in way of design, but more so in branding. Michael, owner of MJ Contracting, had grown accustom to his old logo, it wasn’t much to look at, but it worked for many years. Our goal was to provide a new and modern look while standing them out from other contractors.

To be unique we needed to move away from the saw, hammer, screwdriver, and whatever other random tools are incorporated into every other contractor’s logo design. This meant we wouldn’t be able to optimize the current logo, and we knew it would be ideal to redesign the entire brand image (logo, printed collateral, apparel, etc.). We decided it would be fairly painless to go this route, as there was currently nothing that featured the company story or brand image. So, we began the rebranding project, and it all started with the new logo shown below.

mesa, az contractor porfolio

Since we were ditching a look that customers were familiar with, we knew the new look had to be bold and easy to remember. As you can see, the MJ stands out and the detailed angles symbolize the ‘design and build’ aspect of the industry.

Michael loved the new look for his company. We were able to build on the new and modern logo design as we went on to assist with the additional visual branding for the company. Take a look at how we were able to parlay the simple logo into branding displaying his many services, utilizing the periodic table:

We enjoyed working with this Mesa, AZ contractor, and we continue to assist Michael in growing and marketing his brand.

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MJ Contracting
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