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DIY Logo Design ?

If you’re just starting a new business it’s not necessary to break the bank for logo design, but you may want to consider other alternatives than DIY, Vistaprint, or the “$59.00 logo design” ads. Nothing says small business like a

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15 Logo Design Fails

A quick look at the 15 worst corporate logo fails of all time, as reported by Business Insider: 1. London 2012 Logo When London unveiled its £400,000 2012 logo design, the masses were unimpressed. Some claimed that it looked like

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Landscaping Logo Project

Eden Lawn and Yard Care in El Mirage, is a residential landscaping company who specializes in providing monthly landscaping maintenance.

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Designers Must Know Audience

Rebranding is tricky business, especially if you already have a huge fan base that isn’t so big on change. Get it wrong and the backlash can deferential.  With social media being used as the number one medium for communication it

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