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Preparing to Design a Logo

When developing a symbol that people will associate with your services and overall experience, it is worth taking the time to do it right. Below are a few points to address in the pre-design phase of your new logo. Basic

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Why do I need a good logo?

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Your logo should be the foundation of your company’s brand image. It should be a visual representation of everything your company stands for, additionally all graphic designs developed for your company should be consistent with the look, feel and message

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Medical Logo Design for Transport Service

Shooting Star for Phoenix Transport Company Medical Transport Company, located in Mesa, AZ, travels throughout the Phoenix metro area; they needed an symbol that could serve as a their visual branding while their transport vehicles were on the road.

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What Does Branding Have To Do with My Business?

When discussing a logo design project with a client, a question we often hear is: “how does a brand or brand image apply to us, we’re a small business”? A brand is not exclusive to large corporations, nor is your

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Logo is not my brand?

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